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Minor in Gender Studies

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About the Programme

The IGDS: NBU offers several courses at the undergraduate level covering areas such as crimes by and against women, men and masculinities and gender and development. These courses are offered as part of a minor in Gender and Development Studies programme. Students from the faculties of Humanities and Education and Social Sciences are eligible for this minor programme

What Will I Study?

As part of the Minor in Gender Studies, students will have the option to choose from a variety of courses. Students from the Faculty of Humanities and Education who opt to pursue the minor must complete six (6) courses, three of which must be offered by the IGDS: NBU. Students pursuing the minor with a major in Political Science or Sociology from the Faculty of Social Sciences are required to complete five (5) courses, three of which must be offered by IGDS: NBU. More information can be found in the Institute’s student handbook.

Facilities and Resources

For more information on student resources and facilities please see the student handbook

Career Opportunities

As an interdisciplinary course of study, a minor in Gender and Development prepares you for a variety of roles in organisations seeking to deploy policy interventions targettig specific groups and market segments. Some of these roles include:
  • Researcher
  • Policy Advisor 
  • Independent Filmaker 
  • Social Worker
  • Human Resources and Diversity Specialist

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Qualification: BSc
  • Duration: 3 years


Programme Details

Required Courses for Faculty of Humanities and Education


GEND 1103                                      Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge*
GEND 2201                                      Women’s Studies: An Introduction to Feminist Theories*
GEND 2202                                      Women’s Studies: Women and Development in The Caribbean
GEND 3701                                      Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean: Theoretical Perspectives*

For more information on course content and structure, as well as the required courses for other faculties, please see the undergraduate student handbook.



For information on financing options available through the university please visit the Fees, Financial Aid and Scholarships information page:

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