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Mission, Vision, Values - MIVIVA Champion
The UWI Triple A Strategic Plan 2017-2022: Revitalizing Caribbean Development
Alicia Padmore the Human Resources’ MIVIVA Champion

Alicia Padmore has emerged as the Human Resources MIVIVA Champion. She not only assisted with the decorations that can be found in the Human Resources’ office but she also “ran away” with the majority of prizes that were up for grabs in the HR MIVIVA Quiz.

Alicia states that she is very excited to be the MIVIVA Champion. She was unsure whether she would be the Champion especially since staff helped each other. Ms. Padmore indicated that it was challenging to come up with on the spot responses for the quiz but it was also “fun”. Alicia’s most memorable experiences were:
  • making the decorations in the office 
  • correctly matching the strategic goals with the descriptions in the quiz
  • listening to the speech at the award ceremony  
Alicia is by nature a very reserved young lady so even though she is proud and happy to be the Champion she is a bit anxious about being HR’s Ambassador.  Alicia endorses the MIVIVA initiative and encourages staff to do their part.

She was the one to beat from the inception of the quiz. She portrayed commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, team spirit and she embraced the initiative. These positive attributes continued to intensify throughout the weeks. Even though it was a competition, her strategy was one of team work. Alicia, shared, she explained, she taught and she asked questions.  Her attitude personified the motto, “One flies, All Soar”.

Resolute, driven, outstanding, supportive, faithful, dedicated are some of the words her colleagues and supervisors used to describe Alicia’s attitude to MIVIVA initiative.

One colleague was so impressed that she could not find a word and said “Alicia’s extra effort, knowledge, dedication, insights and ability to accommodate others, even when it was not easy or convenient contributed to her eventual success of the MIVIVA challenge”.

Her immediate supervisor exclaimed that she is not only thrilled about Alicia’s convincing success but more so about her enthusiasm and commitment to the initiative.

To be a true MIVIVA champion you have to be willing to put aside self and work for the better of the team. That is was the UWI Triple A Strategic plan is all about:

We, the UWI team, all working together to Revitalize Caribbean Development.
Alicia accepting her prize from Campus Registrar (Ag) Mr Rommel Carter

Well done Alicia!