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Featured Staff: Nadine Babb
As part of the role of the Human Resources Section in Launching and Adapting of The UWI Triple A Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022, we embarked on identifying two members of staff who emulate two of the five core values of the Strategic Plan: Student Centredness and Excellence. The two staff members chosen were Mr Creigston Brathwaite and Ms Nadine Babb.
Nadine Babb

Nadine Babb has been employed at The University of the West Indies, in the Faculty of Medical Sciences since October 2009.  

Personal Life
Nadine is the proud mother of two children, a boy and a girl. She indicated that they both attended The University and boasts of the high quality of education they both received as well as their great experiences. Outside of her University work life, Nadine is a professional baker and she enjoys hobbies such as going to the beach, exercising and reading action novels.
During the interview, Nadine revealed that one thing most people did not know about her was that she can fix a lot of things. Referring to herself as an ‘industrious woman’, she highlighted some of the things she fixed ‘around the house’ as plumbing and tiling.

The University
We asked Nadine why she liked working at the Campus and she listed a few reasons:
  • the opportunity for upward mobility
  • a place where you can give of your best
  • great co-workers and good relationships
  • the offering of programmes for everyone
Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022
Nadine noted that she had seen and liked the signage placed across the Campus about The UWI Triple A Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022. In relation to the outcomes of the plan, Nadine added that she was impressed by the plan because it shows that The UWI is set on growing and meeting its objectives. At this point, we narrowed in on the two values of the Strategic Plan: Student Centredness and Excellence. Nadine provided examples of when she believed she exhibited these values.

Student Centredness
Nadine stated that she believes this value is going well in most offices as it shows that The UWI is catering more to the students’ needs. She noted the libraries opening hours as an example. However, she added that more could be done in this area to ensure that the facilities are used efficiently and are well maintained.

  • Nadine indicated that in the Faculty of Medical Sciences often students come to her in despair upon receiving coursework/examination results that were not always of their best and she was always able to offer a shoulder to cry on, to be a needed listening ear and a source of comfort to these mainly foreign students, who are far away from their close friends and family. 
  • Nadine mentioned that when she wears her uniform she feels very proud. In her opinion, the uniform tells others where she works and it sells The UWI overall. She also added that she wears her work uniform with pride and respect. With this feeling of pride, Nadine holds for the University, she indicated that she takes every opportunity to encourage others to study at The UWI. 
When asked what she thinks most people would say about her, Nadine said she thinks most will say that she is cool.

She lives by the popular quote “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
Nadine has now gone on to join the ranks of persons who have retired who can now do all the things they did not have time for before.

Enjoy your retirement Nadine! and remember that in your people centredness:
A smile is a rest to the weary,
Daylight to the discouraged,
Sunshine to the sad and a light to show others the way!
Thank you for your excellent service to The University – HR TEAM