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Exchange Programme for Current Students

About the Student Exchange Programme for UWI Students

The UWI has established Exchange Agreements with over 50 globally recognised partner institutions around the world which allows Cave Hill students to spend a semester or academic year abroad, studying at one of these institutions. As a student of the UWI you can therefore enjoy “the best of both worlds”, a quality Caribbean education and an enriching international experience.  UWI Cave Hill students can also go on exchange to another UWI Campus (Mona or St. Augustine). Studying abroad will enable you to broaden your perspectives, deepen your academic knowledge, explore the world, and make new friends and connections that will last a lifetime!

Providing study abroad opportunities for its students is a key component of the UWI’s vision to be “An Excellent Global University Rooted in the Caribbean”.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply to study abroad. Some destinations are more accessible than others and you are therefore encouraged to investigate options with the International Office at an early stage.









London Metropolitan University

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