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Scholarship Opportunities


A limited number of maintenance grants and scholarships are available and these are awarded on the basis of academic merit.  Many of our partner universities permit students to work on campus for a limited number of hours per week providing they are in possession of the relevant permit or visa.  

Available awards include:

Caribbean Integration Programme Bursaries - This bursary is available to registered, full time undergraduate students who:
  • have completed two (2) full-time semesters of study at their respective campuses;
  • are not entering their final semester
  • are not pursing a degree Programme in the Faculties of Law, Engineering or Medicine
The award will be based on:
  • good academic performance (a minimum GPA of 3.0 ) in the previous year’s University Examinations
  • verifiable involvement in co–curricular activities.
WIGUT Travel Bursary - WIGUT, the UWI academic staff union, has set up a small fund to finance a limited number of Travel Bursaries to assist with the cost of travel from home to the country of choice.  Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible.  The Travel Bursary is based on academic merit and financial need.  Bursaries will be awarded annually based on availability of funds.

Canada-CARICOM Scholarships - These scholarships provide funding for short-term exchange opportunities for study or research at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Scholarship values vary depending on the duration and level of study. The scholarship value is:
  • $7,500 CAN for undergraduate and graduate students for a period of four months of study or research (one (1) semester);
  •  $10,000 CAN for graduate students for a period of five or six months of study or research; or
  •  $15,000 CAN for undergraduate students for a period of eight months of study or research (full academic year) if agreed by the Canadian institution.
The Millennium Fund
This fund is intended for students who wish to study at another campus of the UWI.  Applicants must be recommended by their Heads of Department/Dean, and their specific programme of study must be approved in advance by both the Cave Hill and host Departments/ Faculties and Campuses.

Awardees will be provided return air-fare and a supplement to assist them in their living expenses at the host campus.  The amount of the supplement will vary as determined by the Cave Hill Campus Millennium Fund Committee but will not exceed the charge for room-only accommodation in the Hall of Residence at the host campus.  Awardees will pay normal costs of tuition at and to the Cave Hill Campus.


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