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Current Students: Testimonials

Find out what former UWI, Cave Hill exchange students thought about their exchange experiences.



  University of Prince Edward Island Calmero Edwards  
   Read about Calmero Edwards's Experience »

  Enjoy studying abroad Dominique Lovell  
   Read about Dominique Lovell's Experience »

  Queen's University Kimisha King  
   Read about Kimisha King's Experience »

  TEM Summer School Shawn Pilgrim  
   Read about Shawn Pilgrim's Experience »

  York University  
   Read about Jamal Weekes's Experience »

  University of California, Irvine  
   Read about Cupid Caesar's Experience »

  York University  
   Read about David Leacock's Experience »

  University of Toronto  
   Read about Kelly-Ann Goodrige's Experience »

  London Metropolitan University  
   Read about Tiffany Thorne's Experience »

Current Students

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