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Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal: Professor R CPrincipal-Landis_2a.jpglive Landis, PhD

Professor R Clive Landis, who joined The UWI in 2004, has served as Deputy Principal of the Campus from 2015-2019; as University Pro Vice-Chancellor for Undergraduate Studies from 2019-2021 and Chair of the UWI Zika Task Force in 2016. He is also currently Chair of the UWI COVID-19 Task Force, having assumed the role since February 2020.  Professor Landis assumed the Principalship of the Cave Hill Campus for a period of five years with effect from August 01, 2021.
Nearly two decades ago when Professor Landis began his service at The UWI, after relocating from Imperial College London, he took up a post as Senior Lecturer in the George Alleyne Chronic Disease Research Centre (GA-CDRC) at Cave Hill. In 2009, he was promoted to the rank of Professor in Cardiovascular Research and was appointed Director of the GA-CDRC in 2013.
Professor Landis has published over 150 scientific papers and conference presentations, the majority arising from research conducted at the Edmund Cohen Vascular Research Laboratory that he founded as an annex at the GA-CDRC.
His research has focused on the role of inflammation during wound healing, vascular disease, and recovery post-surgery. A more recent interest has been viral and public health research: established viruses such as HIV as well as emerging viruses such as ZIKV and SARS-CoV-2.
Professor Landis’ interest in HIV has revolved around the Immunology PhD programme that he founded at Cave Hill as well as a sixteen-year collaboration with the public HIV laboratory. He has published joint scientific papers with the Ministry of Health and Wellness and accepted appointment as Honorary Director of the government HIV laboratory from 2011–2018. During this time, he led the laboratory through accreditation cycles with the College of American Pathologists. He has also helped expand Regional laboratory capacity as Chairman of the Caribbean Cytometry & Analytical Society.
As Chair of the COVID-19 Task Force, Professor Landis has published policy papers and technical reports analyzing the comparative effectiveness of the pandemic response by CARICOM. He has pledged to continue his chairmanship of the Task Force until the pandemic is declared over by the World Health Organization.
Together with his experience as a senior university administrator, Professor Landis brings an imbued sense of the importance to place students at the centre of all the University does, along with a distinguished track record of teaching, research, and outreach.
A dual citizen of the UK and Barbados, Professor Landis grew up in Switzerland, and is a fluent German speaker. He is married to Julie Landis, and has three children: Matthew, Christopher and Nicholas.

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