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Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies

Archived Papers and Publications

The Sir Arthur Lewis Institute boasts of several archived papers and publications which are available in the General Office of the Institute. 

The Monograph Series is intended to disseminate research findings of the research staff of the Institute, the teaching departments of the various faculties of The University of the West Indies, as well as professionals in regional and governmental institutions.  Two aspects of research activity are emphasized - descriptive accounts of ongoing field work and theoretical analyses of contemporary public policy and ideology.  The list of articles in the series include:
  • Youth in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States: The Grenada Study, by Richard C. Carter. 1997. iii, 158 p.
  • The Services Sector in the Caribbean Economies: Some Development and Management Issues, by Sylvia Charles. 1994, 117 p. 
  • Essays on Youth in the Caribbean, by Linden Lewis and Richard C. Carter. 1995. ix, 76 p.
  • Governance and Democracy in the Commonwealth Caribbean: An Introduction, by Patrick A.M. Emmanuel. 1993. 
  • Ombudsman: Caribbean and International Perspectives, edited by Patrick A.M. Emmanuel. 1993. viii, 288 p.
  • The Failure of Barbadian Business in the 1980's: Lessons for the Decade of the 90's, by Robertine A. Chaderton, 1993. vi, 53 p.
  • The Emergence of Community, State and National Colleges in the OECS Member Countries: An Institutional Analysis, by Bevis F. Peters. 1993. vi, 96 p.
  • Family Land and Development in St. Lucia, by Christine Barrow. 1992. xii, 83 p.
  • Small Business in Barbados: A Case of Survival, by Christine Barrow and J.E. Greene. 1979. ix, 125 p.

The Occasional Paper series commenced in 1975 and highlights research findings in the areas of tourism, finance, agriculture, politics and business, among other subjects.  See below a listing of the papers published.

The occasional Bibliographies are intended to provide reference material on areas being investigated by Institute researchers. Publications appearing in this series are mainly produced by the Institute's Librarian, but bibliographies from other librarians at the Cave Hill Campus have also been published. See below for a list of bibliographies.
  • Economic Literature in the Commonwealth Caribbean: A Select Bibliography, by Audine C. Wilkinson and Andrew S. Downes. 1988. 503 p.
  • The Family in the Caribbean, 1973-1986: An Annotated Bibliography, by Joan M. Rawlins. 1987. xvi, 41 p.
  • Grenada: A Select Bibliography, by Audine Wilkinson. 1981. Civil Rights with Special Reference to the Commonwealth Caribbean: A Select Bibliography, by Velma Newton. 1981. 110 p.
  • Legal Literature and Conditions Affecting Legal Publishing in the Commonwealth Caribbean: A Bibliography, by Velma Newton. 1979. 108 p.
  • Women in the Caribbean: An Annotated Bibliography, by Joycelin Massiah, Audine Wilkinson and Norma Shorey. 1979. 133 p.
  • The Caribbean Sugar Industry: A Select Bibliography, by Audine Wilkinson. 1976. 87 p.
  • A Bibliography of the Commonwealth Caribbean Peasantry, 1838-1974, by Trevor G. Marshall. 1975. 47 p.
  • A Bibliography of the Caribbean, by Audine Wilkinson. 1974. 167 p.
  • The Population of Barbados: A Select Bibliography, by Joycelin Massiah. 1974. 8 p.