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Sidney Martin Library

Research Support

Instructions and Tours

  • The Library offers a number of different types of instruction sessions.  Instruction begins in the university and faculty foundation courses, and all students enrolled in these courses are encouraged to attend if they want to be able to satisfy requirements for producing quality academic research papers.

  • You will also find a library presence in some of your core subject courses where instruction builds on what is taught at the Foundation level.

  • The Library also offers specific sessions on how to use specific tools. Check the library’s notice boards and website for dates and times.

  • Groups of students may also request sessions on general and/or specific research techniques. Contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian to arrange an appointment.

Library Tours for New Students

Tours arranged by the Reference Librarian are offered at the beginning of every academic year only.
Introduction to the Library Catalogue for New Students
During the first semester of the academic year sessions on how to use the library catalogue will be offered.

The Library is prepared to conduct orientation tours for small groups throughout the Semester. Please contact your liaison librarian to arrange a tour.

Having problems with your research assignment or need to understand how to:

Then, contact your Faculty  Liaison Librarian for assistance.  View table below.

Librarians specifically assigned to the various faculties are available to assist you with research problems.  Email, call or visit your Faculty Liaison Librarian to set up an appointment. View the table below for details.
Faculty Liaison Librarians
Name Faculty Telephone Number Email Address Location
Valerie Clarke Humanities and Education 417-4201 Elizabeth Watson Audio-visual Unit
Sandra Thomas Science and Technology 417-4841   Sidney Martin Library
Terrence Lowe Social Sciences 417-4957  Sidney Martin Library
Jennine Knight  Medical Sciences          271-1512         Medical Library
Margaret Broomes   Sport                 417-4162  CLR James Cricket
                                                                                                                                                           Research Centre

If you need help looking up a quick fact and/or learning how to locate material in the library’s online catalogue you may contact your Liaison Librarian 9-5 daily or the Reference Librarian on duty during the evenings or weekends.