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Student Financing

Undergraduate Scholarships

    Colette Delaney Scholarship for Students in Business Studies

    Duration: Up to a period of three (3) years
    Eligibility: Incoming students for any UWI Contributing Country who have satisfied the matriculation requirements and are registered in any of the following undergraduate degree programmes are eligible to apply for the scholarships: Accounting & Finance, Banking & Finance, Economics & Accounting, Economics & Management, Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship or equivalent programmes at respective Campuses
    Value: US$3,000.00 per annum
    Criteria: Applicants should demonstrate an exceptional capacity for high level of academic performance and achieved at least an Associate Degree with a minimum GPA equivalent of a B+ or CAPE Grades 1 and 2. Applicants must provide adequate documentary support of financial need as requested by the Scholarship Selection Committee. Retention of the Scholarship shall be subject to reports of good conduct and academic progress on the part of the Scholarship holder, as evidenced by the student's GPA of 3.3.
    No of Awards: 1