Dr. Don-Marie Holder


Dr. Don-Marie Holder

Career Counselling Specialist/Internship Coordinator


Dr. Holder is a Registered Clinical Psychologist providing psychosocial support to children and families living with academic and behavioural difficulties and chronic non-communicable health conditions.  

Dr. Holder’s academic journey included traversing the first undergraduate psychology cohort here at the Cave Hill Campus, visiting the Central Connecticut State University as an Exchange Student and pursuing graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at The UWI Mona Campus.

Dr. Holder joined the Office of Student Services’ team in 2012 and works collaboratively with students to support career planning and employment transitions. In today’s rapidly changing work environments, she finds it a very exciting and rewarding experience to work with students, faculty and professional organisations to meet current and emerging employment needs.

Here at The UWI Cave Hill Campus services vary because of the diverse nature of our students. Visit the career development page to learn more about services and resources to support your unique career queries. Dr. Holder looks forward to working with you during your time on campus.

Contact Details:
(246) 417-4168


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