Volunteer Service Reporting
As a volunteer you are expected to:

At the UWI Cave Hill Campus we understand the importance of being involved and giving back to the campus and local community.  In fact, one of the key attributes our graduates are expected to be is socially, culturally and environmentally responsible. Whether you volunteer one time or many times, your giving back can make a positive difference.

To get started, kindly follow the steps in the How to get Involved in Volunteering section and be sure to log your volunteer work so that we are aware of the impact that you are having on the local community. The Service Hour Verification form should be used by students that are completing their volunteer work at our internal departments or external non-profit organizations. 

This form will allow us to keep track of the number of hours that students at the University contribute to the campus, local, national and global community. If you volunteered at an organization/department for a semester or more, please complete the form each time you volunteer. This data is requested to qualify or support applications for certain grants and recognitions. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the form and for encouraging others to do so.     
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