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Summer School


Registration Fees

UWI Students - BBD$625 (per course)
Non-UWI Students - BBD$750 (per course)
Non Contributing Countries* - USD$500 (per course)

Note: FOUN0100 Fundamentals of Written English and ECON0101 Preliminary Mathematics for Social Sciences - BBD$500 (per course) 

The application Fee for Non-UWI Students is BBD$30.00.  This fee is payable at the cashier (Ground Floor, Hilary McDonald Beckles Administration Complex) and the receipt along with the application form should be brought to the Admissions Office.

Refund Policy

Registration fees will be refunded in full ONLY where:
  • the University cancels a course
  • a student had registered for a Summer course before being notified of a pass in that course for Semester II
  • a student is required to withdraw from the University
  • a student withdraws before Summer School commences

Students requesting refunds must visit the Admissions Office and complete a refund form indicating the reason for the refund.

Please note that the University will not issue refunds based on a participant's inability to cope with the demands of any course.

Withdrawal from Courses

Summer School students may apply to withdraw from a course(s) within the registration period, without penalty.

A penalty shall be instituted as follows:

  • 25% of fees beginning the second week of teaching
  • 30% of fees begining the third week of teaching

After the 3rd week of teaching, students who withdraw from a course(s), WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

* For a list of UWI non-contributing countries click here »